Gold Class


Higher grade of water resistant tile adhesive suitable for Vitrified, Marbonite, Tile on tile for wall and floor application.

- High Durability

- Suitable for interior and exterior walls

- No shrinkage

- Saves time

- Increase productivity

- Can be used on new / old wall and floor

- Cost – Effective

- No curing required

- Consistent work quality

- No need for hacking

- Highly water resistant

- Excellent adhesion to base plaster/ concrete surface

  • Clean the surface with sand paper/putty blade and then dampen the surface.
  • Mix Tile adhesive and water to obtain lump free paste. (Recommended mix 25-30% water)
  • After 10mins Re-mix again for2 mins.
  • Apply first coat with putty blade
  • With the help of notched 6mm trowel remove excess material prior placing the tiles
  • Fix the tiles in place & tap gently with wooden hammer. Gently remove excess mixture from the tiles.

Note: Maximum thickness should not be more than 3mm.



Benefits of HomeSure Tile Adhesive

Benefits of HomeSure Tile Adhesive (Hindi)

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