EX-22 Vitrified Expert


Tile Adhesive EX 22 Vitrified Expert is polymer modified: grey cement-based tile adhesive suitable for fixing tiles with less than 3% porosity, like vitrified, semi-vitrified tiles on walls and floor in interior situations. Tile Adhesive EX 22 Vitrified Expert is cementitious material in the powder form composed of cement, sand, polymer which needs on site addition of water to make a mortar which is used for fixing tiles over any cementitious surface.

- No Shrinkage

- Increase productivity

- No curing required/p>

- Highly water resistant

- No need for hacking

- Excellent adhesion to base plaster/ concrete surface

  • Clean the wall surface by wire brush & potable water
  • Re-plaster the area with HomeSure Ready-Mix Plaster if necessary
  • Fill up any cracks in base plaster by using HomeSure Crack Filler

  • Take approx.200-300 ml of clean water for 1 Kg of Tile Adhesive EX-22 Vitrified Expert in a clean bucket. It is very important to add material into water and not vice versa
  • Stir continuously for 3-5 min to obtain a homogeneous paste
  • Allow the resultant paste to stand for about 10 min.
  • Re-mix again for about 2 min. The mixture is now ready to apply

  • Dampen the surface to be plastered with water. Allow excess water to drain off
  • Apply the material with a 6mm notched trowel. Spread it evenly
  • Fix the tile and remove the excess mixture and clean it with a cloth

  • Do not add more water than recommended
  • Applicable for for Vitrified, Semi-vitrified tiles only
  • Maximum thickness should not be more than 3mm
  • Do not use on gypsum plaster surface, paint, wood, and metal
  • Before tile-on-tile application, ensure that the original tiling surface has enough roughness to provide the required high strength bonding

Note: Maximum thickness should not be more than 3mm.



Benefits of HomeSure Tile Adhesive

Benefits of HomeSure Tile Adhesive (Hindi)

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