Quick Bond


BuildWell Quick Bond is a mixture of sand, cement and superior quality polymers made for bonding of RCC structures. It is a bonding agent that enables quick preparation of ceiling and RCC wall surface. It also offers the dual benefits of mechanical and chemical bonding, which eliminates the labour intensive hacking and reduces de-bonding losses.

- Can be easily applied by a brush/roller.

- Time saving

- Reduces hacking.

- Excellent workability

- UV Resistance

- No hacking required on RCC walls.

- Works good on gypsum and cement sand plaster.

- Easy to use.

- Less rebound loss while plastering.

- Water soluble, therefore no solvent odour,

- Fast drying.

- Improves bonding between RCC walls and plaster.

- Gives excellent chemical and mechanical bonding.

- Prevents micro cracking.

- Saves labour cost.

  • Clean loose particles, dirt, grease and traces of foreign material from the RCC surface and pre-wet the surface.
  • Mix BuildWell Quick Bond in potable water to obtain a lump-free paste (Recommended mix is 50-60% water).
  • Let it stand for 10 minutes for all the additives to dissolve completely. Use within 60 minutes.
  • Apply the above prepared mix with the help of brush/roller on the RCC surface.
  • Once the finished coat on the RCC surface is dried and set, it is ready for the next application

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