Micro Concrete


It is grey cementitious ready to use dry mix powder-based product it is a composition of Grey cement, Graded Sand & Additives. It has excellent flow ability, workability & proper particle size to reach small & congested reinforcement.

- Compact plaster

- Reduce void gaps

- Polymers already added to enhance

- Time Saving

- Cost Effective

- Restores Strength

- Easy to Apply

- Excellent Adhesion

- Smooth plastering negligible silt content

Micro Concrete Mixing
  • Water addition : 3.5 ltrs. / 25 Kg bag Surface Preparation.
  • Surface Preparation All the application area should be clean, sound & free from Oil, grease & paint like materials.
  • Repair on concrete areas Walplast Micro Concrete can be applied at the thickness of up to 100 mm.
  • Curing minimum 7 Days after removing the shuttering.
  • Shelf Life 6 Months
  • Note Under no circumstances should part bags be used, or additional water be employed. Either of these two actions will adversely affect material performance.

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