External Texture


External texture is cement based polymeric textured wall finish. It protects the exterior wall. It is more economical than other acrylic based products. Its special formulation keeps it safe against the ill-effects of the weather. It contains finest quality minerals, white cement and polymers.

- Excellent UV resistance

- Good workability & high durability

- It is highly compatible with plaster & concrete wall surface

- Excellent resistance against the growth of algae & fungi on the wall

- Provides best value for money

- Tough textured

- Hides Cracks

- Cost Effective

- White cement based polymer modified texture

- Protection of plaster

  • Clean the surface with sand paper/ wire brush or putty blade for removing loose particles.
  • Dampen the surface with clean water & allow excess water to drain off.
  • Add texture in water to obtain a lump free paste & mix well. (Recommended mix 15 -20% water)
  • Let it stand for 10 minutes for all the additives to dissolve completely.
  • Remix again for 2 minutes. Use the prepared mix within 30 minutes.
  • Apply in patches and with the help of plastic/ fiber trowel and move uniformly on the surface to get the desired texture pattern and uniform leveling.

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